(in order of appearance)

Marie Grosholtz - (later Tussaud) Wax sculptress
Dr. Philippe Curtius - Wax sculptor, Proprietor of Salon du Cire (the House of Wax)
Maximilien Robespierre - Revolutionary leader
Armand de Marteau - Revolutionary leader, Marie's lover
The Barker - for Salon du Cire
Madame Grosholtz - Housekeeper to Dr. Curtius (and probably more) Marie's mother
Madame Elizabeth, Princess of France - Sister to Louis XVI
Marie's patron and friend Dr. Guillotin - Deputy of the National Assembly, Inventor of French version of Madame Guillotine
CHORUS: Street Entertainers, Aristocrats, Wax Figures, Peasants, Clergy, Parisians, Court of Versailles, National Assembly
MINOR ROLES Madame du Barry, Voltaire, Rousseau, Danton, Mirabeau, Marat, St. Just, Duke of Orleans, Ben Franklin, Lafayette, Robespierre's Reflection, Soup Lady, her daughter Elsa, Footman, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Princess de Lamballe, Royal Children (boy & girl). Female Servant Therese, Prostitute, Citizen #1, #2,#3, Charlotte Corday, Josephine Beauharnais, 2 Prison Guards, 2 Revolutionary Soldiers, Messenger Boy, Prisoner in Torture Instrument. Actors play multiple roles.