Lincoln & Booth
A Historical Musical

Musical Numbers

    Act One

  1. Opening: Just a Little Lie (Full Cast)

  2. Conspiracy (Mary Surratt, Powell, Atzerodt, Herold, General Hartranft, Chorus)

  3. The Ides of March (Mary Surratt)

  4. Listen to Brutus (John Wilkes Booth and Conspirators)

  5. To Retribution (Mary Surratt, Chorus, Conspirators)

  6. Lincoln's Dream (Orchestra)

  7. Dixie (Orchestra)

  8. Good-bye (John Wilkes Booth, Lucy, Nellie)

  9. Ford's Theatre (Employees, James R. and H. Clay Ford)

  10. Something Decisive and Great (John Wilkes Booth)

  11. Honor to Our Soldiers (Ladies Chorus)

  12. Honor to Our Soldiers, Part II (Ladies Chorus, Laura Keene)

  13. Just Ourselves (Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln)

  14. Just Ourselves (Orchestra)

    Act Two

  1. Once a Plan is Set in Motion (Chorus)

  2. Tyranny (John Wilkes Booth, Conspirators, Mary Surratt, Chorus)

  3. Hail to the Chief (Orchestra)

  4. Assassination (Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth)

  5. Escape! (Chorus)

  6. Just Ourselves: Reprise (Mary Todd Lincoln)

  7. Beware the People Weeping (Secretary Stanton, Chorus)

  8. The Trappe (Mrs. Carter & dughters: Mattie, Molly, Sarah, & Agnes)

  9. Death Prayer (John Wilkes Booth)

  10. Just a Little Lie: Reprise (Chorus with solos)

  11. Finale: We the People (Full Cast)

  12. Bows/Exit Music (Orchestra)


    Reed 1: Piccolo & Flute
    Reed 2: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
    Reed 3: Bassoon
    French Horn
    Double Bass

Synopsis of Scenes


    SCENE 1: Military Courtroom and Gallows
    SCENE 2: Gautier's Restaurant
    SCENE 3: The White House
    SCENE 4: Anywhere (3 pools of light)
    SCENE 5: The Outside/Ford's Theater Lobby
    SCENE 6: Inside Ford's Theater
    SCENE 7: The White House


    SCENE 1: Interior Meeting Room
    SCENE 2: Ford's Theate
    SCENE 3: The Escape Route
    SCENE 4: Interior Room (Petersen House)
    SCENE 5: Interior Brothel: The "Trappe"
    SCENE 6: The Garrett Farm
    SCENE 7: Military Courtroom and Gallows