“I highly recommend NewMusicals.com. Several years ago, I sent them my musical Tussaud, based on the life of waxworker Madame Tussaud. It was chosen as the Musical of the Month, and consequently, I received numerous inquiries and script requests, including several from British theatres. Tussaud will receive a first production this coming August at the Footlights Theatre in Tampa, Florida. More recently, I have begun adapting children's books as musicals. Quite a few people trying to get a hold of these scripts have found me by googling my name and going to NewMusicals.com's website, where my bio is posted along with my play. So it's a way to get known. It's also a great way for theatres to find new musicals and new writers to commission.”
… Joan Cushing, composer/lyricist

“Among the first people to embrace my work when I moved to New York was the staff at the website NewMusicals.com - Being listed here has been a valuable, professional marketing tool which has familiarized many people with both PABLO specifically, as well as one of my other shows or my non-score song catalogue, in general. NewMusicals.com has been a tangible and result-bringing site artistically and I'm delighted to have been (and still be) a part of it.”
…Charles Bloom, composer/lyricist