The Best Kept Secret of WW II
(A musical farce formerly titled I Was a Teenage Werewolf for the Third Reich)

(in order of appearance)

NARRATOR/JACKIE - Seventeen year old Jackie O'Malley & his older self; both played by one actor

JOHN O'MALLEY - Jackie's father; middle-aged, jovial, Irish

HILDA O'MALLEY - Jackie's mother; middle-aged, stable, German

RHONDA - Jackie's girlfriend from next door

FRAULEIN BLUNDER - A passionate woman who will do anything to win her man

CLAUS - Blunder's able henchman

HEINRICH - Blunder's not so able henchman

ERNST HOFFNUNG - President of the German-American league, and much more

MRS. HOOVER - A cleaning lady, and much more

PROFESSOR COWAN - A really very mad scientist
Act One, Scene One: The O'Malley living room, October, 1938
Act One, Scene Two: The laboratory of the infamous Professor Cowan, the next day
Act One Scene Three: The park, Halloween Eve
Act Two, Scene Four: The O'Malley living room, the next morning
Act Two, Scene Five: The park, Christmas Eve